Some of our recent work

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Better Life Maids

The client struggled with a slow site boggled down by dozens of WordPress plugins. Their new site is fast, clean, and modern and more importantly, conversions have improved.

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Maid Clan

They had a boilerplate website that wasn't bringing the heat. They needed to communicate their value to visitors quickly as well as clearly show off all the services they offer. We worked closely with them to integrate examples and give feedback to produce something they loved.

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C&C Cleaning

With loading times greater than 20 seconds, we had an opportunity for drastic improvement with this site. The new site looks great and loads in under 1 second.

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Alpine Maids

We replaced their existing slow site with a new site that's as fresh as the Rocky Mountains. It's clean, it's fast, and it generates record leads.

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HomePlus Cleaning

Their old site wasn't bad, but it was generic. More importantly, it didn't do justice to the vision and energy of HomePlus Cleaning. We added a unique style and highlighted the company's unique qualities that makes them stand out above the rest.

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Naturalcare Cleaning Service

They had a beautiful site before they came to us. But it was really slow, they couldn't update their content, and it was hacked in the past. We rebuilt the site from scratch and followed their existing design. Now the performance matches the beautiful design, they can edit all content, and the site is secure.

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Priehl Cleaning

From wix to our pro + seo plan, Priehl Cleaning got a total makeover. The new design is much more welcoming, while maintaining high performance scores.

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Distinguished Images Cleaning Service

Their site was fast but became outdated and had a broken menu. We gave them a fresh, modern site while keeping the speed scores high.

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Tex-Mex Cleaning

Even smaller companies deserve a nice site. It's fast, it looks good on mobile, and it converts leads.

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Task Away VA

This was a fun one that gave us an opportunity to give a fun design to a serious business. Their previous site was clean and nice, but lacked personality. This redesign was a great example of team effort to complete a vision.

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Hire Who

The client has a great app that helps small businesses like cleaning companies hire great employees. They had us build a fresh new site while they concentrated on adding more great features. We're launching the site any minute.

hirewho-desktop hirewho-mobile

Quality Driven Software

This is the project that got us involved in the cleaning industry. We built the web app for them and now it helps hundreds of small businesses improve their quality.

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Smith Solutions

We've done many projects for them, including a custom time clock web app, lead forms, a dashboard, and more.

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Dash Maids

Their site came from the bloated WordPress plugin world. It was slow to load and lacked polish. We helped them get great scores on mobile and a welcoming brand that better communicates their values.

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Zisty Clean

This is a great example of a generic Wix site that now has a very stylized look and feel that communicates the Zisty's brand.

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