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Your cleaning business needs a beautiful, fast, and modern website to stand out from the competition. Our experts will create an online presence that'll show your professionalism and generate more leads for you! site template top screenshot site template bottom screenshot

What Others Are Saying

quote Matt


Vlad built my current site and optimized it for speed, SEO, and conversions. We invested in a custom website. We consistently rank high in Google Speed tests and the site has continued to improve its rankings for over 72 keywords in the past year.
quote Chris


Vlad is completely responsible for my website, Alpine Maids, We did a quick but thorough discovery process where I provided inspiration and he worked with his team to provide a much better and more intuitive design. After laying the groundwork, I sat back while Vlad put together my new redesigned website. The best part about my site, aside from looking great, is how fast and responsive it is. While my old site looked great, we were losing business due to how slow and bloated it had become. Vlad not only designed my site with speed and usability in mind, but he showed me exactly what to do to maintain it.
quote Jack & Carson

Jack & Carson

Maid.Tech is one of our top assets here at our cleaning company. They built us a beautiful website, robust, and easy to use. Maid.Tech proved to be an outstanding service, doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping track of leads, and more importantly, connecting with them. Their customer service is impeccable and they make constant updates to keep us happy. We’ll be using them for a long time!

The Maid.Tech Process

A proven plan to deliver super fast, modern websites that get results.

  1. The Discovery Process

    1. Discover

    • You answer some questions about your project
      • About your project
      • About your company
      • About your customers
      • About your goals
    • We have the 1 Hour Discovery Meeting with you
      • Introductions
      • Tools and Process
      • Review questions
      • We propose the right plan for you
    • You approve the plan and make initial payment
  2. The Design Process

    2. Design

    • You provide logo and brand assets
    • We design your website to match your brand
    • You review and give feedback
  3. The Development Process

    3. Develop

    • We build your website based on the design
    • We add your content, images, and 3rd-party code
    • You review final website
    • We optimize the site for speed and SEO
      • For maximum speed
      • For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • For mobile devices
      • For security
      • For accessibility
  4. The Delivery Process

    4. Deliver

    • You make final payment
    • We point your domain to your new website
    • We verify your website with Google's audit tools
    • You and customers enjoy your new website
    • We maintain your website for ongoing success

Our Work

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  2. The client struggled with a slow site boggled down by dozens of WordPress plugins. Their new site is fast, clean, and modern and more importantly, conversions have improved.

    Better Life Maids
    Better Life Maids
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  4. client
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More than a website

A slow or unoptimized website hurts your business. Google doesn't like websites that take too long to load or don't look good on mobile devices. Potential customers convert better with a fast, clean, and direct website that helps them connect with you.

High quality matters

We treat your investment in a new website with the respect it deserves. That is why we put in a lot of effort to ensure you and your customers are happy with your new site.

Incredible speed
According to Google’s latest research, the time it takes to load the average mobile website page is 22 seconds. However, research also indicates 53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. That's why we optimize and serve your site from where your customers live.
Clean & modern design
Your site should not be a distraction. Customers appreciate being able to get the information they came for and moving on with their day. We don't use unnecessary animations, large images, or other distracting elements.
Accessibility built in
Some people have a hard time reading text that doesn't have a proper contrast ratio or is too small. And some people are color blind or need to use a screen reader. We follow accessibility standards to ensure everyone can get the information they need from your site. It's not just the law, it's the right thing to do. And a nice bonus is that it helps with SEO.
Search Engine Optimization
Our entire process for building websites is geared towards Search Engine Optimization. Fast, mobile-friendly sites do better in search results. You still need relevant content, but you can no longer ignore your site's performance because Google doesn't.

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